NEICORD conducted workshop for promoting Integral mission at Emmanuel Hospital Association Partner Church in Tezpur and Nepali Christian Fellowship Church, Shillong from 26 – 28 September 2012 and 2nd October 2012.

The workshop at Tezpur focused on ‘Girl Child & Trafficking. Altogether 91 church leaders were capacitated during these two programs. The sessions helped the participants to examine how much their local churches have involved in serving the poor. It also encouraged them to deepen their involvement. One of the senior leaders commented that, “Serving the poor should be the fulfillment of God’s mission for the Church!”

During the workshop in Nepali Christian fellowship, Shillong an offering was collected for the poor and the amount was given to the host Church to be used for serving the poor. Tezpur participants also committed for the cause of Girl Child.

Action plan made by the participants:

  1. To increase the frequency in visiting sick person
  2. To continue helping the needy and do more
  3. Not to discriminate others
  4. To be involved in social activities
  5. To established old age home
  6. To extend care ministry in which NCF is already involving
  7. To extend the Integral Mission beyond the border (UP TO NEPAL)
  8. Helping the poor by giving, praying and doing for them