The concerns of Climate Change continue to rise at an alarming rate at an international level. These changes in Climate are being felt by everyone all around the world to which North East is not an exception. In the midst of this rising international concern, NEICORD, EFICOR, TERI University (The Energy and Resource Institute) and NEIDAC, in partnership with ABAM Youth Department (Ao Baptist Churches Association) organized a TOT programme on Care for Creation from 11th to 13th March 2015. The purpose of this training was to the train the key youth leaders of Churches under ABAM to be aware about the different devastating impacts of Climate Change and to understand and spread the message of Churches’ accountability towards caring for God’s Creation. The programme included sessions on:

  1. Understanding the basic science of Climate Change and its impacts.
  2. Reinstating Biblical mandate on Care for Creation
  3. Practical training on developing appropriate technologies (environment friendly technologies)

A total of 122 key youth leaders from 59 Churches under ABAM were trained through this programme.

The participants of the programme also developed a ‘Declaration’ for churches to commit themselves on Care for God’s Creation.