Sikkim Earthquake Relief, 2011

A team from NEICORD led by Rev. Dr. H.M Songate (Executive Director) reached Gangtok within 48 hours of the earthquake and visited the worst affected area – Mangan district on 20th September 2011. Indeed NEICORD and World Vision were the first team to reach the quake affected areas from outsideSikkim. NEICORD’s Relief team experienced roaring rivers, narrow village roads, landslides and long stretched damaged roads, sleepless nights and improper meals. The truly amazing thing about experiencing such uncertainties is that God brings about order to all the relief team.

2216 disaster survivors belonging to 450 families received support on food and non food items, 383 patients benefited from free medical camp & services, 520 traumatized were counseled. Tarpaulins were provided to 5 Schools for temporary class rooms. Besides the physical support we could also provide support for repair and rebuilding of new church buildings to 5 churches from the contribution of the Northeast Churches and organized capacity building programs for church leaders on Disaster Preparedness and Response during and after relief operation.

4 NEICORD staff with 32 local volunteers work tirelessly during the relief operations. Local gvolunteers’ active involvement and tireless engagement enabled us to complete the relief operation in time. The involvement of the church leaders and local volunteers had strengthened the immediate response program. The team had established strong network and partnership with the Panchayat, District and State Level officials, also with local NGOs and Students’ body. Because of the State Government’s support we could even airlift relief materials to the disconnected villages. We express our gratitude to all our Donors, Contributors, Local volunteers, Churches and Prayer partners for the valuable support.

Case study


Naina Rai is a girl of 18 years who lived in Rangrang village in Mangan block. She is the daughter of Shri Prem Rai and Shrimati Asha Rai. She left school saying she has no more interest in studies after she passed class VIII.

On the fateful day of the earthquake, Naina was watching TV. She stepped up to the TV to adjust it when the earthquake strikes at 6.10 pm. At first she thought it to be a mild shake but it was severe as the TV she was holding burst and fell. It fell on her legs and injured her. She had injuries in her hands as well as a consequence of the burst of the TV.

When the quake happened, everyone in the house ran out but Naina could not do so as she lost all her senses and failed to react to the situation. It was only after 10-15 minutes that she was able to come out of her house. She was hospitalized at theDistrictHospital, Mangan for 10 days. Now as she sat in the house of her neighbor (she stayed with them as her house is completely destroyed), she said that people came to counsel her and encourage her to move forward. However, she said that she is scared even at the sound of thunder and rain falling on the tin roof of the neighbor’s house and other unusual sounds. She also said that she is afraid to sleep inside the house thinking the worst could still come.

DACA team visited her and the medical team treated her injuries. The trauma care counseling team spoke to her and counseled her. She is happy and grateful to the medical as well as trauma care counseling team for the time spent with her. She is thankful for the food and non food support she received. She commented the DACA team support give me back my smile.