Health and HIV&AIDS

Project Raphael:

NEICORD started Project Raphael as it realised that HIV&AIDS and the problem of development cannot be isolated from each other. The organisation believes that the church is the most important platform for creating awareness among the youth and children of our society. Therefore it ventured into the field of HIV&AIDS in 2006 by facilitating the churches to actively respond to it, mobilizing them and enhancing their capacity. No NGO’s can do as much as the church can do especially in the North East India. NEICORD, as a Christian NGO works together with the churches in building their capacity, awareness and initiation of activities, churches contribution, creating sense of ownership and implementation of programs at different levels. At present the project is functioning in Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya and Mizoram. (i) Tearfund UK (ii) NACO and (iii) CRWRC are our donors.