Community Training Providers (TPs)

NEICORD anticipate God’s people in our nation, particularly in the northeast region to constantly raise a prophetic voice like Nehemiah for the sake of the poor and disconnected. NEICORD envision seeing well informed people on social issues reflecting from a Christian perspective and express their concern at various forums such as writing in newspapers, organising interactive programs, talking to groups, sharing with the legislature etc. NEICORD also desire to see their commitment to pray for their situation, be actively involved in addressing particular issue and influence or motivate churches to be involved as well. These are the Community Training Providers (TPs) trained by NEICORD in different phases on diverse issues.

NEICORD is looking for TPs in every district in the NE India. Community Training Providers are usually Pastors or staff in any organization. NEICORD equips them with skills required to conduct workshops and train them in addressing various social issues. The CTPs are expected to conduct workshops for pastors and church leaders to create social awareness in their respective district.

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