NEICORD conducted Climate Change workshop in a Christian perspective in partnership with EFICOR, New Delhi and Church of Jesus Christ, Shillong on the 4th & 5th October 2012. The objective of the workshop was capacity building of the church leaders on the understanding of climate change and environmental degradation risk and adaptation assessment methods. Altogether 38 participants from 12 churches and Christian institution/ organization attended the workshop. The two day sessions were facilitated by EFICOR and NEICORD team. One of the participants shared that the church is the best platform where we can make people aware about the environment condition of today. Another participant mentioned that he will limitedly use, clean, conserve and care for the resources.

The following are key commitments of the participants:

  • To conserve fuel and water
  • Two participants stop coming by car on the next day of the workshop. ‘We stay nearby, why waste resources, why not we start saving for the future generation from today, they said’
  • I will stop plucking flowers or any parts of a tree unnecessarily
  • To influence and generate awareness art schools, church and community level
  • To use resources limitedly and reduce consumption
  • Use everything wisely and rightly
  • To stop exploitation!!
  • Clean, conserve & Care
  • Personally apply the golden rules
  • Respect the environment
  • To stop using polythene, to carry bag when going for shopping
  • Not to throw rubbish anywhere and everywhere

Action plan made by the participants:

  • Participants were asked to make an action by providing 4 different options as on how they will convey message on climate change and creation care
  • 34 participants committed to share their new learnings to families and friends
  • 23 committed to conduct Workshop/Training/Seminar
  • 08 committed to meet legislature and share concern
  • All of them committed to be a model for others!