Child Sponsorship

NEICORD launched its “Child Sponsorship” Programme on the 1st of December 2010 at NEICORD Office, Laitumkhrah. The Executive Director, NEICORD shared the vision of child sponsorship for the poor children starting from the state of Meghalaya. The “Child Sponsorship” programme was launched and blessed by the founder of NEICORD Dr. I. Ben Wati, in presence of the Staff, Church leaders and Government Dignitaries. Children Sponsorship Programme will be for the welfare of the children in the areas of education, health and overall development of the children.

The status of children in the North Eastern region is not much encouraging. We have a school dropout rate much higher than the all India average. 5 of our states in North East are at the bottom list of EDI (Educational Development Index). Child trafficking becomes a major concern too. The hunger index in some of the North East states are higher than that of all India average of 44%. 70.5% out of every 1000 children in Meghalaya die within a year. The lists go on…

But most of these children are known as ‘Invisible Children’. Many of the children we interviewed desired to be ‘in a school with clean clothing’. They suffer quietly and die quietly unnoticed. We have been burdened seeing the plights of these children who are not able to come out of their poor environment and abject poverty. It is painful to see young mothers to let their children die from curable diseases due to poverty. People like you and I can make a difference in their lives and make their dreams come true.

Your contribution of Rs.700/- per month towards child sponsorship will bring changes in the lives of many children, their families and their community. NEICORD would like to be a channel to enable compassionate people like you to reach out to these ‘invisible children’.