Kurung Kumey Famine Relief, 2011

The project is proposed in Damin and Parsi Parlo in the Kurung Kumey district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh (North East India). NEICORD, funded by World Relief Canada/Canadian Foodgrains Bank was able to intervene into the development of the community in a small way. The ‘gregarious flowering in bamboo’ locally called Bonglik Talik (or ‘Mautam’ in other states) has occurred in the Kurung Kumey district. The worst affected due to the rat menace were the common people who are innocent farmers solely dependent on cultivation. And because of the rat menace the standing paddy crops which were ready for harvesting and granaries were destroyed. So... Read More

Conflict Relief, 2011

At the start of this year on 2nd January the conflict started between the two communities- Garo and Rabha at Mendipathar in East Garo Hills under the state of Meghalaya and Dudnai in the Lower state of Assam (North East India.) The core problem was that the Rabha community demanded for “Rabha Hasong” – i.e, Rabha Land. The magnitude of the violence displaced 50,000 people officially, and 500 burnt down houses according to “Shillong Times” the local Newspaper report. The granaries were especially targeted which is livelihood for the tribal. Along with the granaries live stocks were looted and destroyed. In spite of the big number of population displaced... Read More

Mautam (Bamboo flowering famine) Food For Work, 2008 & 2009

Bamboo flowering had occurred in parts of Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland and this natural phenomenon has been recorded to have happened in 1862, 1881, 1911-12 and 1959 which resulted in severe famine. The flowering of one particular species of bamboo – Melocanna baccifera, locally known as mautak – has set in motion the frightening spiral that happens every 48 years in the states. The people of Tipaimukh called it “the return of horror or the flower of death”. The bamboo flower bears fruit which serves to increase the reproductive capabilities of rats that feed on it. The hardship faced by these villagers due to bamboo flowering can be gauge from the tale... Read More

Udalguri Relief, 2008

A communal tension flared up between the Muslims and the indigenous people of Assam, people killing each other, burning down houses and granaries. In the 3rd October 2008, it was learned that more than 33 people died and 20 villages burnt down and 80,000 people taking shelter in relief camps as per the Govt. report. NEICORD in partnership with Christian Coordination Committee (formed by the Christian communities regardless of denominations) had done a relief program and we are very much thankful for their cooperation and support throughout the relief operation. The relief package consists of children food and clothing, blanket and shawl for the victims residing in the... Read More

Majuli Flood Relief, 2008

Majuli, a sub-division of Jorhat district was among the worst flood affected areas of the 20 districts ofAssam. The entire sub-division was inundated and people had to deal with the flood water for days. crops and cattle were also greatly damaged and people were struggling for a day’s meal. NEICORD in partnership with North Bank Baptist Churches Association (NBBCA) had done a relief program by providing 20 Quintals of rice and 2000 kgs of dal to more than 3000 households. We are very thankful to our donor, Tear fund UK, who have supported us to carry out this relief successfully. May they be richly blessed!