NEICORD response to COVID-19 in 12 villages of Umsning Block, Ri Bhoi District, Meghalaya, where 350 farmers have been supported with non food item which includes seeds, soap and face mask. The relief was implemented with the support of the respective village headmen and local volunteers along with NEICORD staff based in Umsning. To ensure no adverse effects on the environment, the staff prior to the distribution trained the farmers on safe disposal of packages, face mask and gloves. Through this initiative the farmers were encouraged to plant their own food to meet food and nutritional needs of the families during the outbreak of the... Read More


In the wake of the unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic over the world, and the Nationwide Lockdown, in collective effort to restrain the spread of the virus in India i.e. from 23rd March to 31st May, 2020, North East India is no exception to the suffering caused by the same. The nationwide lockdown has restricted the movement of the citizens, economic activities, transport and other essential activities which has a deep impact on the lives of the poor.  In times such as this, every help counts. NEICORD on humanitarian ground responded to the needs of the poorest of the poor who are being affected... Read More

Assam Majuli Island Flood Relief, 2012

The severe flood in June 2012 and the following months created precarious situation in the Upper and Lower Majuli blocks. ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development) and NEICORD in partnership with local support had done survey and assessment of the flood affected villages, after the first and the second wave of flood and selected areas for intervention. The relief operation was supported by UNICEF. The program was carried out by involving the administration, local partner and village representatives. Permission was sought from the Additional Deputy Commissioner Garamur Majuli Island for distribution of materials. Security at the time of distribution was also sought from the... Read More

Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo Flowering Famine Relief, 2012

“Bamboo Flowering” which showed the sign of calamity right from 2005 seems to have its long term effect till today. The people of Kurung Kumey and East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh has been witnessing gregarious bamboo flowering since then, affecting life of the people and environment of the area. People below Poverty Line who depend mainly on their paddy fields are the worst affected by the famine. This has further deteriorated their livelihood conditions. NEICORD in partnership with Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) with the help of World Relief Canada (WRC) and the Canadian Food Grain Bank (CFGB) was able to implement Bamboo Famine... Read More


The 2012 Brahmaputra floods are unprecedented flood event along the Brahmaputra river and its tributaries due to significant monsoon rains in India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. 124 people have been killed by the flooding and landslides and about six million people have been displaced in Assam. The worst hit areas always happen to be in Assam state in India. The flood had also significantly affected Kaziranga National Park, 540 animals have died including 13 rhinos. During the monsoon season (June–October), floods are a common occurrence in India. However, 2012 flood has been recorded as the worse flood during 10 years. It has affected 23 districts of... Read More