Arunachal Pradesh Bamboo Flowering Famine Relief, 2012

“Bamboo Flowering” which showed the sign of calamity right from 2005 seems to have its long term effect till today. The people of Kurung Kumey and East Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh has been witnessing gregarious bamboo flowering since then, affecting life of the people and environment of the area. People below Poverty Line who depend mainly on their paddy fields are the worst affected by the famine. This has further deteriorated their livelihood conditions.

NEICORD in partnership with Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) with the help of World Relief Canada (WRC) and the Canadian Food Grain Bank (CFGB) was able to implement Bamboo Famine Relief Phase –II. 3250 families who could not afford to buy a single meal for the day were provided with 50 kgs of rice and 4 kg’s of salt for each family. With this provision, people can wait until the next harvest but even then some of the people have already lost their paddy before harvest due to infestation of wild boars, rats and birds. Some people had to walk 24 hours to reach the distribution centers to collect the rice due to lack of road connectivity, the region being hilly. The joy and excitement in the faces of the people revealed gratefulness as it says “action speaks louder than words.

We are very grateful to our donor WRC/CFGB who has supported us to carry out this Program successfully.