Goal 1: To unite the people and Church to have a compassionate Society

Strategic Directions: Integral Mission

To involve the Churches of North East India in witnessing Christ through social concern.

Strategic Objectives
To sensitise the Churches and community on Holistic Transformation.

Operational Strategies

  • To create awareness on Integral mission for the Churches of North East India. 
  • To challenge the Churches and Community in addressing a just society, by getting involved in social issues.
  • To educate and build the capacity of the Churches and Community for their long term sustainability.
  • To strengthen women and youth in the areas of capacity building and skills development.
  • To advocate the Churches and Community and influence them to tap resources and achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs).


  • The Churches getting involved and participated in Integral mission through social concern.
  • Churches being motivated in building a compassionate society and professing social involvement having evangelistic consequences and bear witness to the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.
  • To bring about the personal and structural change and belong together in the community.
  • NEICORD’s involvement brings about the changes in the lives of the dejected and isolated section of the people and builds their dignity.
  • Churches and the Community networking and advocating in achieving the MDGs.
  • Resources and policies being taped from the local Government so that the communities can have a life impacting goal in alleviating poverty.

Strategic Directions: Justice and Advocacy

To defend the rights of the marginalized and intercess issues relating to social stigma.

Strategic Objectives

  • To create awareness, needs and concerns of social justice and advocacy among the Churches, leaders and youth groups.
  • To challenge Churches, leaders and youth groups in responding to social injustices.
  • To sustain justice programme through the participation of communities.

Operational Strategies

  • To instigate the role of justice and advocacy to Churches, leaders and youth groups by motivating them through teachings, seminars or workshops.
  • To voice concerns for the minority or marginalized trapped under social injustices.
  • To create awareness and concerns to communities for equal rights.
  • Voicing for HIV & AIDS, etc.
  • NEICORD as an agent to spread the awareness of Human Rights.


  • Churches, leaders and youth groups would have been motivated and capacitated in various social justice related issues.
  • Churches, leaders and youth groups would have involved themselves in advocating.
  • Communities would have been made aware of their rights.
  • Communities would have been made aware of Human Rights.

1. Children under Especially Difficult Circumstances (CEDC)

Operational Strategies

  • To identify and support dropout children in targeted area for formal and nonformal education.
  • To render assistance to malnourished children.
  • To intervene against any violation upon a child outside the social norm.
  • NEICORD to partner with other CBOs & NGOs for children’s rights and development.


  • CEDC would have been educated and helped.
  • CEDC would have been given nutritional diet.
  • NEICORD would continue its fights for the course of uncovered children.
  • Concern voiced on any social injustices upon a child.

2.  Gender

Operational Strategies
NEICORD will work towards gender empowerment and upliftment in targeted communities.

Community would have gender equality through various programme(Health, poverty, etc.)