Strategic Direction

NEICORD’s Strategic Direction, 2020 – 2025

NEICORD’s pursuit for development in the North East India region recognized the importance of Collaboration, Networking, Partnerships and Alliances to contribute meaningfully to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Collaboration helps to complement each other’s capacities to maximize the impact at all level for all stakeholders to achieve the target through the programmes. NEICORD’s Strategy (2020-25) directed the organization in strengthening collaboration, partnerships and networking at all levels so as to enhance the positive changes in the communities. Currently, NEICORD has wide coverage of collaboration, partnership and nerworks with the government agencies or departments, Institutions. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Civil Society Organisations (CSO), Community Based Organizations (CBO), Faith Based Organizations (FBO), Private sector, Traditional authority and individuals. The collaboration/partnership or network focus to promote women empowerment, access to entitlements, self reliant farmers, education, health, response to emergency crisis and environment. In the collaboration/partnership or networking with different entities we share different resources – fund, technical expertise, experiences, guidance and programme design that helps improve our management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation which lead to maximize the desired impact.

NEICORD engages with the local Faith Based Organizations in the target areas to strengthen them to take responsibility for the poor in their neighborhood by motivating, capacity building and mobilizing them to work for the cause of the poor.