Assam Majuli Island Flood Relief, 2012

The severe flood in June 2012 and the following months created precarious situation in the Upper and Lower Majuli blocks. ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development) and NEICORD in partnership with local support had done survey and assessment of the flood affected villages, after the first and the second wave of flood and selected areas for intervention. The relief operation was supported by UNICEF. The program was carried out by involving the administration, local partner and village representatives. Permission was sought from the Additional Deputy Commissioner Garamur Majuli Island for distribution of materials. Security at the time of distribution was also sought from the police as well.

The relief materials were distributed at the 6 distribution centres from 16th November – 31st December 2012 with the help of the appointed centre-in-charge and volunteers. The relief materials included plastic buckets, plastic mugs, bathing soap, tarpaulin sheets, NaDCC strips and WASH leaflets which were provided to 2000 households.

We are grateful to ACTED and UNICEF whose intervention had helped the flood affected and vulnerable households to have improved access to shelter, hygiene materials and potable water.

CASE STUDIES from Karpunpili Adorkho Missing Gaon:-

Beauty Pegu and her family stayed in the embankment for 8 days during the flood with all their belongings. She is a mother of 3 school going children. Her paddy field measuring 2 acres was destroyed by the flood. She and her husband did daily labor work to buy food for survival. But it not easy to find work daily. It is difficult to maintain the family and at times have to go hungry. Life in this island is hard. She is grateful that they received the relief materials which will help them cover their thatched house from the cold winter and will also be able to store drinking water.

Mathu Chintey, a mother of 6 children did not receive any help from the Government for re-building her house which was washed away by the flood. Her paddy field was also destroyed by the flood and like Beauty Pegu she also search for daily labor work that helped her in constructing a temporary shelter. She and her family stayed in the embankment for 10 days during the flood.

Bhutia Mari shifted from her village to another village due to erosion caused by flood. Unfortunately, the same fate awaited her in the village where she shifted. She did receive some quantity of rice from the government which sustained her family for some days only. She said that if she found work there was food to eat, otherwise they go hungry. Like the others, she and family also stayed in the embankment for 10 days.